I'm a Photographer and Filmmaker based out of Bangalore, India. 

I've been a working photographer for over 7 years, and I've had a chance to work on a wide range of assignments. From working with one of India's largest volunteer organisations to document their work across India, shooting with a leading sports brand with the world's fastest man, creating content with the world's leading smartphone manufacturer or shooting international travel shows across the world, I've always worked hard to create aesthetic visual imagery with compelling stories. In my portfolio you will find images from my different assignments, along with ongoing personal projects. I'm available for hire across India and the world.

Auditya Venkatesh

On a more personal note, I love driving. I recently completed a 13000 km road trip across India that spanned 50 days earlier in 2016 and I'm planning my next one as you read this. It's part of my initiative Stay Routed. I've spoken at multiple TEDx events, the Under 25 Summit and at many other leading institutions across India, where I share the experiences from my journey and experiences. You can find one such talk here. I also teach and conduct workshops, mainly as a way to raise funds for causes that I support. I love and believe in the power of social media, and built a community called Audi Photography. Why Audi? My name is (Audi)tya :) You'll find an entire blog post about it here. Over time we have managed to build a community of over 800000 people. Come join us!

So welcome to my humble online abode! I hope you enjoy your time here :) If you want to get in touch with me about work, you know what to do!