My gear


The one question that I get asked most often is about the equipment I use, and as I working on this website I knew that had to be my first blog post.

So here you go, an entire list of the equipment that I use. Under each equipment listing you'll find an image, click on it if you want to read more about the camera, the features, and see the pricing options online.


The cameras that I use.

1. Sony A7R II. This is the camera I've been using for most of my work. I've had this for more than a year now and I love it. Size was never really the reason I upgraded to a mirrorless, it was the rest of the technology they've managed to fit into that body. Read more about why I switched to Sony here.

Here are the lenses that I use with the A7RII.

a. 16-35mm f/4. This is probably the lens I use the most. So all those landscapes images you see, this is what I made them with.

b. 55mm f/1.8. My go to mid prime lens. Why not 50mm? Because when I moved to the E Mount initially they had just the 55mm lens so I went with it.

c. 70-200mm f/4. Another lens that I love. I love the versatility of this lens. They do have an f/2.8 version of this lens that I'm eyeing, but for the moment I'm more than happy with this :)

d. 85mm f/1.8. I don't shoot too many portraits but it's always handy to have a fast lens in the bag. I've shot a lot of street with this lens in low light.

2. Sony RX 100V. I use it in places where I don't want attention to be drawn to me shooting, and for more everyday shooting. This camera is really tiny so people don't notice it as much, but it has full manual control and shoots RAW, so I get everything I need. I also use it for slow motion videos. 

3. DJI Osmo.  It's a camera I don't use as often I should, but if you're on the move and need to get smooth footage this is a pretty good camera. I used it extensively on Stay Routed, not so much these days. Let me look for it.

Everything else.

1. Manfrotto Tripod. I'm not sure you get this exact model widely anymore, but I use the Manfrotto X055 ProbB. It's really flexible in the ways you can position your camera. Also I have no idea how to fix this thumbnail! This tripod is not a face mask!

2. Tripod Head. I've been through two of these and got a third one recently, airlines really don't like tripods and so I end up with broken ones from time to time. I use a Manfrotto 498 RC2.

3. Fstop Pro Ajna. I love this back pack! It fits everything I need. The compartments that hold the equipment can be taken out easily, so it can be more than just a camera bag! Also it’s made made life through airport checks so easy!

4. Think Tank Sling Bag. I use this for more daily use, it fits a body and a couple of lenses and a tablet if you want, has weather protection and doesn't draw too much attention. This was also a gift by Ami Vitale, so that makes it cooler.

5. Memory Cards. I use just SD Cards since I moved to the Sony system and a few of the features only work with the 64GB card so that's what I use. And I mostly use San Disk Extreme Pro cards.

6. Mic. For Vlogs and to get slightly better audio on the go, I use this little mic with a dead cat. It's extremely compact and lightweight.

7. Hard Drives. The capacity of the drives keep varying but I usually carry 2 drives with me in 2 different bags when I travel for my back up, and back it up a third time when I get back home. I'm currently using the Seagate 4TB Hard Drives.

Before you go I want to tell you one important thing, it's not what you use, it's how you use it that makes you great at what you do.